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Tattooer Health Club

One on One Masterclass Bundle

One on One Masterclass Bundle

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One on one mentorship offers a unique experience to grow with like-minded tattooers who are experiencing similar issues as you…

There is a reason your mentor and so many other tattooers' bodies were broken after years of tattooing. 

Everyone just accepted it as the norm to hurt and not talk about it. Yah know?

We all think we have enough time to figure it out on our own or we put everyone else first.

But the truth is to show up your best and give the best tattoo you need to feel the best you can. 

That's why the Masterclass will not only help teach you how to stop your pain, but we will teach you why you're hurting to begin with and how the exercises are working to stop it. 

In the one-on-one training, you will get weekly video trainings as well as weekly one on one support from Jordan to ask questions and get answers in real time.

During the course you will get 1:1 mentorship from Jordan himself throughout the 12 weeks. Jordan will direct your care, set goals and give you the accountability to reach your goals.

We Also offer:

  • Free Tattoo Artist Health “Tool Kit” of equipment to help stop your pain and train you how to use it like Pre-cut and a Roll of K tape, massage tool, wrist brace, stretching strap, neck stretcher to get started.
  • Free 16x20 inch exercise wall poster 
  • Free workbook to help guide you through the course. 



  • Weekly classes will cover all course material as we go through the masterclass.
  • You will have access to all recordings and PDFs to review at your own pace and support your personal learning style. 
  • Weekly calls with Jordan can be a virtual video call or phone call that suits your schedule during the week.
  • Each session, you will have opportunities to ask questions and get answers in real time from Jordan 2x a week that will help you reach your goals fast and easy. 
  • This is a 12-week course that helps you turn your simple habits into lifetime routines.

Free access to the Tattooer Health Club which includes: 

  • Tattooer Health Video Library 
  • Master Coach support from other leaders in our industry 
  • Live Hands-on Workshops  
  • Community support from other THC members who will validate and support you on your pain journey. 


The Tattooer Health Club is the one thing that you will need to extend your career the simplest and easiest way: Ergonomic and Therapy Secrets Masterclass for Tattoo Artists.


How long is the program? The program is 12 weeks because it takes 60 to 90 days to create a short habit into a lifetime routine. 

Is the Masterclass right for me?
Whether you’re an apprentice, junior artist or a seasoned tattoo artist, we all need the basic information of why we are hurting to begin with, how to heal ourselves, and stay out of the broken health care system. The masterclass is designed for all levels of experience and abilities.

Is the masterclass personalized?
YES! The masterclass is designed in a template style question-based format that can be personalized to any individual. 

Do I work directly with Jordan?
YES! Once you get started either in the group or One-on-One Masterclass, Jordan will develop a personalized exercise prescription for you that will be upgraded and changed throughout the 12 weeks for you to reach your goals the fastest possible way.

Do you offer financing?
Of course we offer financing. We have multiple financers where you can even choose the terms and conditions and lower your monthly payment that’s manageable for any season.

How much is the masterclass?
We encourage financing to play with other people's money.

The Group Masterclass is an investment of $1750. Jordan will get you started on your individualized exercise prescription, and once the masterclass starts, you will begin your coursework and one on one bi-weekly coaching.

1:1 Masterclass is $3,000 will start immediately in which Jordan will develop a personalized exercise prescription and begin modifying the coursework to suit. Your individual needs to give you pain relief in real time.

What if I don't like it or I'm not feeling the improvements?
If you are not seeing any improvement, Jordan will add additional 1:1 treatments to problem solve what is not working and how to streamline issues like: not enough time to dedicate, feeling like you cannot do this, overcome the feeling of impostor syndrome or feelings of defeat and help refrain the mindset to reach your goals. If you choose this is not for you and you choose to give up, we will prorate and refund you to the point where you end your journey with us.

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