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Tattooer Health Club

Self-Paced Masterclass and Tattooer Health Club Membership

Self-Paced Masterclass and Tattooer Health Club Membership

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Self-paced learning eliminates the time constraint to grow at your own pace, focus on your personal learning style and get started RIGHT AWAY!!!

There is a reason your mentor and so many other tattooers' bodies were broken after years of tattooing. 

Everyone just accepted it as the norm to hurt and not talk about it. Yah know?

Now, tattooers are artists and value the craft and ability to change lives.  

We all think we have enough time to figure it out on our own or we put everyone else first.

But the truth is to show up your best and give the best tattoo you need to feel the best you can. 

That's why the Masterclass will not only help teach you how to stop your pain, but we will teach you why you're hurting to begin with and how the exercises are working to stop it. 


In the self-paced training, you will have time to work though all the modules when it's convenient for you! 

But you are not alone! We will still host live workshops and open office hours for students every Monday to help answer your questions and guide you on your health journey…

This content is great for self-starters looking for the information to be able to problem solve WHY you are in pain and HOW to fix it yourself by avoiding dismissive doctors and losing both time and money from the comfort of your bedroom and shop.

During the course, you will get support from Jordan himself in both live workshops and training as well as be able to ask questions when they come up!

Jordan’s favorite thing to do is help direct your care, set goals and give you the accountability to reach your goals.

We also offer:

  • Free 16x20 inch exercise warm-up wall poster 
  • Free workbook to help guide you through the course 

Free membership to the Tattooer Health Club which includes: 

  • Tattooer Health Video Library 
  • Master Coach support from other leaders in our industry 
  • Live Hands-on Workshops  
  • Community support from other THC members who will validate and support you on your pain journey 

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